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Scholarships + Awards

At Arrowhead Family Dental, we believe in the value of education. We have been offering graduating seniors at the Rice Lake High School and incoming students at WITC in Rice Lake the opportunity to apply for scholarships for many years. Our office has been fortunate to be able to help many students with funding their higher education.


Rice Lake High School Scholarship


Graduating seniors at Rice Lake High School can check on our website in early spring to find out more about scholarship application details.



Past winners of the Arrowhead Family Dental Scholarship are as follows:


Rice Lake High School Scholarship Winners


2019 - Kiara Anderson and Katelyn Holmstrom

2017 - Megan Marschall and Mark Carlsen

2016 - Lucas Postlewaite and Mia Penzkover

2015 - Andrew Mattes and Jazmyn Glause

2014 - Jack (J.T.) Postlewaite and Katy Gannon

2013 - Ellyssa King and Nathan Tripp

2012 - Spencer Carr and Lindsay Von Feldt

2011 - Rachel Dvorak and Nick Solum

2010 - Bryce Aul and Taylor Chandler

2009 - Taylor Koser

2008 - Andre Audette


WITC Scholarship Winners


2017 - Brianna Grajewski

2016 - Gracia Christianson

2015 - Brooke Elliot

2014 - Tiffany Sprague

2013 - Janie Lucas

2012 - Kathleen Miller

2011 - Janessa McNitt



Rice Lake Lions Club Peace Poster Contest


Dr. Delf has been holding the Rice Lake Lions Club Peace Poster contest since 2008.

Here are the winners from the previous years.


2013 theme "Our World, Our Future"


Cameron Middle School

Keegan Ferris (1st place), MiKayla Graeme (2nd place), and BreAnna Heldt (3rd place)


Rice Lake Middle School

Kaitlyn Roux (1st place), Cole Clark (2nd place), Zoe Stenseth (3rd place),

Jennifer Lai (Honorable mention), and Trevon LaPoint (Honorable Mention)


St. Joseph's Catholic Church

Ella Penzkover (1st place), Hannah Farm (2nd place), Maya Schumaker (3rd place),

Emma Nelson (Honorable mention), and Bethany Johnson (Honorable mention)



2012 theme "Imagine Peace"


St. Joseph’s Catholic School

Carly Schuebel (1st place), Vincent Biever (2nd place), Katelyn Holmstrom (3rd place), Lillie Anderegg (Honorable mention), Annakah Denison (Honorable mention), and Alec Snyder (Honorable mention)



2011 theme "Children Know Peace"


Cameron Middle School

Micaela Murphy (1st place), Kayla Gerber (2nd place), Madison Otto (3rd place), Desirae Larson (Honorable mention),

Kiara Hestad (Honorable mention), and Maddie Moen (Honorable mention)


St. Joseph's Catholic School

Mia Penzkover (1st place), Katelyn Holmstrom (2nd place), Martin Adams (3rd place), Katelyn Baribeau Honorable mention), Hunter Denison (Honorable mention), and Bethany Johnson (Honorable mention)



2010 theme “Vision of Peace”


Rice Lake Middle School

Chris Kurkiewicz (1st place), Isaiah Secrest (2nd place), Kelsey Cariveau (Honorable mention), Megan Fell (Honorable mention), Rebecca Henningsen (Honorable mention), and Paige Sirek (Honorable mention)


St. Joseph’s Catholic School

Jenna Koenig (1st place), Gia Capra (2nd place), Tanner Richie (3rd place), Claire Bekkum (Honorable mention),

Riley Crotteau (Honorable mention), and Madeline Hodkiewicz (Honorable mention)



2009 theme "The Power of Peace"


Cameron Middle School

Krysta Swanson (1st place), Sarah Tomandl (2nd place), Janelle Peterson (3rd place), Bekka Baures (Honorable mention), Abby Fjelstad (Honorable mention), and Sarah Hanel (Honorable mention)


Rice Lake Middle School

Emily Foust (1st place), Haley Krehmeyer (2nd place), Isaiah Cipra (3rd place), Becca Atherton (Honorable mention),

Cody Prill (Honorable mention), and Sky Warner (Honorable mention)






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